About us

We have been in the sex toys world since 2007 and we have reached the level of being able to offer a huge selection of sexy toys from all over the world.

We only work with reliable suppliers and international reputation that allow us to treat and offer our customers the certified sex toys and high quality. We refuse to sell in our stores products of dubious origin, chinesics that are often offered at very competitive prices but which very often cause great health problems.

During these years in our stores, we sold many sexy toys and related items, we have made many happy customers, many of them are now faithful and regular continuing to buy from us.

Our team is the face of our shop, we do everything possible (and sometimes impossible) for buyers so they can receive their order in time.

Given the nature of the products and the specificity of the articles contained within the orders of our sexy shop, our priority and our task is to guarantee maximum privacy making the customer feel comfortable.