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YESforLOV - Delice Deluxe Massage Cotton Candy



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Delicious romantic treats for the girliest of princesses and the most roguish of bad boys. Which part of your body will you offer to your avid partners?

Today, YESforLOV will show you how to prepare a dessert with no need for ingredients or utensils. Start by coating the partner of your choice with Delice Deluxe Massage. Be careful, it's slippery – but not sticky. When your partner is fully naked and sweetened all over, smooth out the oil, blow on the surface and agitate a little. Your partner is likely to want to coat you too. Undress and let it happen, because it is important to warm yourselves together for the preparation to rise.

When you are fully sweetened and the smell of vanilla fills the air, dig in! Yum yum, happy vanilla spirit!

50 ml

Beneath its cute appearance, sexy popping candy explosion is a highly sophisticated kit of mass destruction designed by YESforLOV. The sachet contains crystals which explode when you put them in your mouth. That's fairly crazy already. But it's even better with two. You can fight with your tongues. Launch secret attacks on enemy positions. Or get naked like savages and blow up any targets that present themselves.

7 gram

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YESforLOV - Delice Deluxe Massage Cotton Candy

YESforLOV - Delice Deluxe Massage Cotton Candy

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